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I am a woman learning to heal from past sexual, emotional, and physical abuse along with neglect. I have been diagnosised with DID and Complex PTSD both direct causes of the abuse. jazmineo1112@yahoo.com

My Life's Time Line

  • Birth
  • (age birth-4) Lived in a bad neighborhood; mom didn't work; grandma came every weekend to visit; sometimes we had no heat; we had no A/C; no vehicle  
  • (unsure of age 2-4) Strange man comes over a lot; I grind my teeth when I see him
  • (unsure of age 2-4) Squirrel electrocuted by gray power box while I was outside; mom takes me over to see it and takes a stick to poke at it and mess with it
  • (age 4) Moved to duplex owned by church member
  • (age 5) Fifth birthday party celebrated at duplex with mom and grandma
  • (age 5) Started Kindergarten at the church based school 
  • (unsure of age 5-6) Julie started therapy  (unknown when therapy ceased)
  • (unsure of age 5-9) Mailman always gave me presents for my birthday and Christmas
  • (unsure of age 7-9) Julie walked out of abuser's house (deacon at church) when friend asked why she was in the house; Julie, still buttoning her clothes, told her what abuser does but says it's a secret; Julie's friend tells her mom who call's our mom
  • (unsure of age 7-9) Julie goes to police station and investigator comes out to the neighborhood  
                        (deacon moved away before police were involved)
  • (unsure of age 7-9) Julie started therapy again  (unknown when therapy ceased)
  • (unsure of age 7-9) Jackie and Julie are sent to neighbor's house (another deacon in church) at various times of day for abuse to occur.
  • (unsure of age 7-9) Julie tells mom about neighbor; mom says she knows. she can hear everything through the walls because their bedrooms (mom's and deacon's) are up against each other
  • (age 9) Moved to new state with mom and mom's boyfriend
  • (age 9-10) While in the new state-no bed or bedroom; slept on floor 
  • (age 9) Moved in with mom's boyfriend's cousin
  • (age 9) Mom's boyfriend's cousin standing in door way, Julie crying, Vickie (in background) laughing and telling Julie to shut up crying.
  • (age 10) Brother born
  • (age 10) Moved in with mom's boyfriend's mother
  • (age 10) Moved into new house beside mom's boyfriend's mother's house
  • (age 10-11) Moved back to home state
  • (age 11) Moved to new house
  • (age 12) Moved to new house
  • (age 12-14) Mom always gone to bars, out with men, leaving me at home to watch my brother-age2-4; bars could recognize my voice; mom told me to stop calling her and leave her alone. let her have fun and she will come home when she feels like it
  • (age 13) Had sexual contact with man 35 years older than me
  • (age 13) Santa Clause came to our house for Christmas
  • (age 13) Physical Abuse from mom's boyfriend started; as well, he began giving me lingerie and sexual content movies to watch-with mom's approval
  • (age 14) Moved in with mom's boyfriend
  • (age 14) Started therapy
  • (age 13-16) Emotional, Physical, Sexual Abuse from mom's boyfriend; we couldn't move out because "we couldn't afford to live on our own"; he would video tape sexual relations with my boyfriend and myself; taught me how to masturbate; would watch me masturbate; made me sit in the bathroom while he showered; made me eat soap; beat me while I was naked; beat me until I fell down and blacked out from pain; sexually abused me for permission to see my boyfriend; drove two vehicles every time we went out of town so he could sexually abuse me while driving
  • (age 15) Stopped therapy
  • (age 16) Moved to new house without mom's boyfriend (but he still came by and stayed the night)
  • (age 16-18) Began drug and alcohol abuse; promiscuous with boys from school
  • (age 18) Went to college for a semester
  • (age 18) Moved in with boyfriend
  • (age 19) Married
  • (age 22) First child born
  • (age 25) Second child born
  • (age 25) Bach. Degree attained
  • (age 25-29) Worked as a teacher
  • (age 28) Started therapy
  • (age 29) Separated from husband
  • (age 30) Move to new city and started school 
  • Present

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