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Friday, July 19, 2013

Feelings Brought Up

As you may or may not know, my mother sold me to men for various types of "compensation" beginning as a young child and ending when I left home. 

Today I learned of a man in my home town that was caught attempting to buy a child with any type of disability for sex. What type of person would do such a thing?....a sociopath. Someone without feelings towards others. Someone without sympathy or empathy. No way for them to relate to anyone. 

These people are amongst us daily. They are our neighbors, friends, acquaintances, coworkers, or family members. You must protect yourself and your family from these people. 

In news, the man was looking for a "single mother". People like him know that single mothers with young children are more likely to be victimized. That doesn't mean that other children aren't victimized. Nor does it mean that single mothers don't protect their children. It simply means there is a higher chance of victimization of children to single mothers. (I am a single mother with young children. Knowing this fact, I even more vigilant with my daughters.)

This news story reports that due to Shaniya's Law, they were able to arrest and charge this man with a crime. 
Shaniya Davis was a 5 year old child that died a few years ago. Her mother sold her to a man for drugs. The man took her to a hotel in a nearby city, raped and murdered her. Then he dumped her body on the side of the road like an animal. 
Although her murder was senseless, it was not in vain. It has stopped at least one child that would have been abused by this man! 

Shaniya Davis is always in my thoughts. I knew that could have been me. I survived for a reason. I survived to speak up and speak out for victims that couldn't or can't speak for themselves. 

How can we stop child abuse, child prostitution, and human trafficking? 
If you know of any abuse, don't let it go unreported. YOU may be a child's only voice! Their only way out of the hell they are living! 
No one spoke up for me. Everyone swept it under a rug. No one reported anything. Don't allow it to happen to someone else!
Be a child's voice!
Be a child's advocate!
Don't let another child be abused because YOU are scared or YOU don't want to get involved!
Imagine the child's fear he/she lives with EVERYDAY!
You may be a child's only hope!



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