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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A New Way of Thinking

Most of the time I try and stay away from blogs.  Most of them have too many triggers and cause too much anxiety for me to read.  I really do a lot of picking and choosing when I look at blogs.

However, I read a post on a DID blog.  I felt like this person had read by blog and then wrote a response to me.  I broke down into tears while reading. It was touching to me and just what I needed at that very moment.  It has caused me to look at myself and my alters differently. 

Perhaps this blog post will help you look at yourself differently as well.
Since I read it I haven't been fighting as much with them and I have chosen to look at them differently. Not as separates that I have to fight to keep hidden away; instead, as separates that have their own souls given to me by God for me to help nurture and take care of.  Just as if they were REAL children.

Would I fight with a child that came up to me and said they had been abused by their family?
Would I send them away or "lock them up" so they didn't have a voice?
So why do I do it to myself?

It's a new way of thinking...

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