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I am a woman learning to heal from past sexual, emotional, and physical abuse along with neglect. I have been diagnosised with DID and Complex PTSD both direct causes of the abuse. jazmineo1112@yahoo.com

Monday, April 30, 2012


Part of my therapy is finding myself a hobby.  Why?  Because I get bored easily.  I always say there is NOTHING to do.  I go online and look around but I do it out of boredom.  So what can I do for a hobby?

These are the ideas I have been given so far:
  • Calligraphy (Sounds interesting)
  • Gardening (Don't know if I have a green thumb ...Jackie does NOT...and this cost money)
  • Couponing (I forget to take them with me. Then get mad because I have paper all of the place)
  • Pen Pals (I would do "epal" but not give out my home address)
  • Reading (Not my most favorite thing to do...but I did start reading a book with Doc)
  • Paint by Number (Sounds ok...I guess)
  • Cross Stitch (Doesn't sound like fun)

I am looking for something that doesn't cost a lot of money and is fun to do.

Any ideas?

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