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Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Saving Grace....

Another song by Mariah Carey that inspires me....
Amazing Lyrics...

My Saving Grace  (click on link to open video in YouTube)
by Mariah Carey

"...I've loved a lot, hurt a lot
Been burned a lot in my life and times
Spent precious years wrapped up in fear
With no end in sight
Until my saving grace shined on me
Until my saving grace set me free..."

"... Yes, I've been bruised
Grew up confused
Been destitute
I've seen life from many sides
Been stigmatized
Been black and white
Felt inferior inside..."

"... Giving me peace
Giving me strength when I'd
Almost lost it all
Catching my every fall
I still exist because you keep me safe
I found my saving grace within you
And the bountiful things that you do
Lord thank you
For delivering me..."

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