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Monday, April 9, 2012

My DID System

Liz said she would describe how our DID system works and functions.  No DID system works the same.  You must be willing to work with your system and find what works the best.  Since we have been in therapy, we have added various parts to our system to help it function better.  Here is an overview of my system.

We all live in a "house" together.  Each alter has his/her own room.  There is an upstairs and a downstairs to the house.  Inside the house we have a conference room, which is downstairs, that we use when we need to all get together and discuss various issues.  There is also a foyer that leads to "Being Out".

When an alter is not "out", the alter can be various places within the system.  The alter can go inside his/her room or wander around the house.  If the alter is inside his/her room, he/she does not know what is going on in the outside world.  Therefore, the alter is not "co-conscious". 

If an alter chooses, he/she can be inside the house to wander.  This alter may/may not be listening to the outside world.  If he/she is NOT listening to the outside world, then he/she isn't "co-conscious".  If he/she IS listening to the outside world or communicating with the alter that is out, then he/she IS "co-conscious". 

The conference room is used to communicate with many alters at one time.  Since working with "Doc", this has been established.  We use this room when there are issues to discuss.  This is where alters can come and talk.  There are many advantages to having this conference room.  We can work together to solve issues.  Everyone is able to talk and say what is on their minds or bothering them.  This is the place we can speak our minds to each other.

There is also a foyer.  The alter in the foyer IS "co-conscious".  This alter will be the next person that comes out when the alter that is currently out leaves.  Depending on the strength of the alter's feelings in the foyer, he/she may be able to push out the currently present person.  This is one thing I am working on diligently.  I am a pretty strong alter and have pretty strong feelings.  (Anger is a VERY strong feeling.)  However, sometimes I need help to control who is coming into the foyer and what they want.  There is no door on the foyer and no way to control who comes into the foyer.  This is something "Doc" wants me to work on.  When Liz was out, I would stay in the foyer and help control who was there.  However, now that I am out, Liz is hanging out in the conference room and there is no one in the foyer.  Only one person can be in the foyer at a time and this person will be the next person out.

When an alter is "out", they are standing at the doorway.  Depending on who the alter is, they can turn around and see inside the foyer and house.  They may be able to hear others in the foyer and in the house.  Therefore, since I am currently "out", I am standing in the doorway.  There is no one in the foyer.  This can be hazardous, since anyone can come into the foyer now.

I hope this helps explain some parts of MY DID system.  Remember all DID systems function differently.
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment! I would be glad explain anything or answer any questions. 



  1. Hi there,

    I am multiple as well. But I can't communicate with the alters. How did you get there? How did you get them to communicate with you? I am really stuck with this.


    1. Hi P! Thanks for stopping by.
      As long as I can remember I have talked to one specific alter. I just didn't know she was an alter. I thought she was my sister. (If that makes any sense at all) I thought everyone had a sister to talk to. Or everyone had to search through their clothes to find out what they wore and did the previous day.
      However, as I have started therapy, the alters have became more trusting of "Doc" and talk to her. She talks to them and lets them know we are a system and to talk to me about things. "Doc" talks to them, has them try to find me, and "Doc" lets me know what is going on with alters. As we all become more knowledgeable about the system, communication becomes easier. A LOT has changed since I have started therapy. Some alters are in rooms, unable to come out, and we have developed a system that functions better. Honestly, working with "Doc" has been my biggest help communicating with alters. Having someone the alters trust and can communicate with freely.
      I hope this helps some. I hope that your healing journey is a positive one. I hope you will continue to follow me on mine.
      If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask.