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Friday, April 20, 2012

Am I like you?

I am confused about something I hear a lot.  I hear "She (someone with DID) is just like us (someone without DID).  We (someone without DID) have child parts and rebellious parts.  We (someone without DID) have parts that contradict each other.  We (someone without DID) just didn't develop them into separate people like she (someone with DID) did."  
This confuses me and I do NOT like to hear this stated.  But I think when someone says, "The person with DID is like us,"  makes people think "so, the voice I hear could be an alter, someone else talking to me?" Especially when it is stated in a group where people have been previously abused.  It is a BIG pet peeve of mine. It actually pisses me off. 

I think this is my pet peeve because I feel like it discounts me as a person with DID, and I feel that others believe they may have DID too because they think we are similar. 

I do not know what life is like a for a "singleton".  I do not know how their brain works.  (I'm not sure I understand how my own brain works.  Nor do I pretend I understand.)  I am not sure what a "monologue" in a "normal" brain sounds like.

In my mind I don't hear a "monologue".  I hear a bunch of noise, different voices and commotion.  There is not a "monologue" guiding me or leading me around.  There are many different voices I hear, must decipher who is speaking, and what their motive is for speaking.

Are we (people with DID) like "singletons" (someone without DID)? No, I don't believe we are.  I believe that we are different than "singletons".  Our brain functions differently than a "singleton's" brain functions.  Our brain has allowed us to do something different.  It allowed us to take our abuse and "give it to someone else" (an alter), so we did not have to feel or remember it.

Since our brain functions differently, we can't say "She is just like us, except she has separate people."  That would be like saying a Volkswagen and a Ford are the same.  Well why not, they are both cars and take you from place to place.  But I bet the mechanic that had to work on the vehicles would dare to differ.  That the two vehicles are NOT the same.

If this is the case, then I am NOT just like you. I am ME and I am DIFFERENT.  My child parts suffered horrific abuse and are unable to see past that.  My child parts are actually children I SEE and have CONVERSATIONS with.  They are not just a child part that allows me to be silly at times.  They, and my other parts, are seen as REAL people. 

What are your thoughts on the situation?
Have you ever heard anyone state "Well, you're just like us, except you have different people?"
What were your thoughts/reactions?


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